Thursday, November 9, 2017


Parihaka is remembered on the 5 of November. In 1881 the British invaded Maori land to build a road through it and the Maori fought back with peace not war.

Parihaka is a small community in the Taranaki region between the Taranaki mountain and the Tasman sea.

At night the Maori went out and took out the marking pins. When the British got fed up with the Maori they sent in some soldiers to destroy their homes.As the British soldiers arrived all the women and children stood outside their land, sang songs and gave the soldiers gifts.

Tohu and Te Whiti were the leaders of Parihaka, they were strong leaders and when they went to prison they had to keep moving around the country or else they would attract to many people.  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

100 Word Challenge 2

In class this past couple of days we have been doing a 100 word challenge on a photo. We had to wright the story like it was a newspaper article. Here is mine I manged to get 87 word.

Famous Rock Star Found Dead!!
On Wednesday the 21 of April Tom Hedge was found murdered in the Pond of Fathers. At 6:45 am Scarlet Bullagard was on her early jog when she noticed a pear of gumboots pairing out of the water. As she walked closer she could see blood dripping off the boots. Scarlet said she saw a figure in black running from the sight. When the police were investigating they found a knife laying beside Tom. Finger prints have been taken and police are looking for the murderer.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

100 word challenge

In class this past couple of days we have been doing a 100 word challenge. The challenge of the 100 word challenge is that you cant go over 100 words. this time we had to include the sentence "as the door slammed I knew" I got 99 words this time. Here is mine.

I walked into the office and found paper spread all over the ground, I knew it was here. Looking through the shelves I found them.
“Commander I got the files, now how do I get out?”
“Good now head back through the bedroom and out the front door. Good luck C5 and we will see you at headquarters”

As I walked through the rooms I thought I heard the door open, as the door slammed I knew I had to get out. I ducked under the kitchen table and ran out. Just as I got out, he got me.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

My Speach

Types of friends. Well I've been doing some research according the story winnie the pooh there are 5 types of friends a piglet friend, a owl friend, a Tigger friend, a rabbit friend and a Eeyore friend I'm sure theres more but i'm not going to disagree with winny so here are the different types of friends that I found.

One A piglet aka the friend does everything others say.
This friend needs a leader or they would become useless and not be able to  do anything. The only time they don't listen to their leader is when they came across a fear let's say this friend had a fear of highs and their leader said ok now jump and land over there this friend would have gone in the other direction by the word jump. They we probily thinking ok I will see you down there bye. They are Completely opposite to the Tigger

Two A Tigger aka the cracra friend.
Everybody would have or had a friend like this because these friends are super crazy and normally mess thing up. They some how convince you to do thing you would have never thought of doing. Honestly I think I'm this friend because I mess thing up and people ask me how I come up with my crazy ideas.

Three A Eeyore aka the Emotional friend.
If you are an Eeyore, bro you need to turn that frown upside down because really, no one likes you, people are only acting like your friend because they fell sorry for you, but when you leave all your bad emotions behind you become a sweet kind person that everybody wants to be around. When you're in public you are never socialising it's like you don't want random people knowing how you really are, actually now that I say that out loud I wouldn't really want some random stranger knowing how I am so scratch that.

Four a owl also known as the friend that knows everything.
This annoying friend knows everything well probably not everything, they know a lot for however old they are. The worst part is that they are always correcting you and if you not the best with words it gets really frustrating because they are always at you.
By the the way acrophobia is the word you're looking for.
And wjen they say thing like that I always think but I wasn't looking for and word. Although they can be useful from time to time like when your writing and you need a word but you just can find that in your vocabulary so you can ask them or when you can't spell a word and it's so rong that when you look it up it's not there. So our owl has there pros and cons just like everyone else.

Five a rabbit aka bossy boots
This little friend get annoyed easily and they want everything their way. They are obsessed with rules, planning and order if something goes wrong they lose their temper, but deep down they cares a lot about their friends.

Thank you for listing and hopefully you found out what type of friends you might be.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Injustice - Sweatshops

In the past term we have been learning about injustice. Injustice is an other way of saying its unfair. We got separated in 7 different groups with a topic to learn about. The topics were Aboriginals, Jews, Sweatshops, Apartheid, Parihaka,Women voting and American slaves, all these topics are injustice. I got put in the Sweatshop group. I learnt that we are very lucky to be living 
in such nice homes with heaps money and food. Most of the people that are working in the shops don't get enough money to bye food or pay bills to stay in there homes.

Here is a link to the work I did with my buddy Connor.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Opononi was usual enough; it had a store, a beach, a wharf, some trees towering over it, and even an old wooden hall we always went to. My friends and I did what kids do - launched stones into the water, dashed across the sparkling sand, sped after the seagulls like lions hunting deer, climbed the trees, swam or raced, doing nothing important.

Nicole R Gray

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cold Rivers

On sunny days, I like to leap into rivers. As I jump through the air, I fill my lungs with oxygen. While the water pulls me under, goosebumps appear. With my hands, red and wrinkly, I clamber on the the rocks. As soon as I can feel my hands, I swing on to my feet and run to my towel. Throwing it over my shoulders, I crouch. Very slowly I get warm.

Eventually I stand up and head back to The Rocks. When I get to the rocks I hesitate. After a long time of decided if i want to jump, my sister comes up behind me and pushes me. Falling off the rock  I think I see something move in the water. When I hit the water I feel like something is slithering around my foot So I swim as fast as I can and hop out. Once my breath has come back to me, I search the water and find something is in the water. My sister Asks me, “why did you scream?” I replied with nothing.