Wednesday, March 23, 2016


We did a news article on Juggling with mandarins I did it on the peace where pip climbs the climbing wall in the Igloo, this is it my one.

On Thursday night a teenaged boy was discovered in the soon to be opened Igloo stadium. Rob Gale was just shutting down the stadium when he heard a boy's voice shouting “HELP!” He rushed over to where he thought he heard the voice. “What are you doing up there!” Shouted Rob “It doesn’t matter just get me down!” Rob slowly talked the boy down.

Rob was amazed by what the boy achieved especially that he had no rope while climbing the hardest wall in the stadium.

As the boy left he glimpsed back at the Igloo imagining what it would be like on the day it opens. After Rob closed the stadium he said quietly to himself “That boy is a good climber.

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