Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moment In Time

We have been doing some writing about a moment in time, this is my latest one.

I can see kids splashing around in the murky water. 
It looks like their having a blast out there.

I can hear the waves crashing agent the islands sand.
They sound strong enough to knock one of the Piwaka's over. 

I fell the sea-spray slaps my feet. 
The spray is cold as it smashes agent my feet.



  1. Hi Nicole
    Please check my comment, and fix a couple of bits in this post. It's close to being really good. Well done.

  2. Cool photo, Nicole. Did you take it? I like your last line about the spray smashing against your feet. :)

  3. Dear Nicole, I love how you told the reader why we were writing this. I also love how you said the waves were strong enough to knock over a piwaka!
    LOVE IT ;)