Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cold Rivers

On sunny days, I like to leap into rivers. As I jump through the air, I fill my lungs with oxygen. While the water pulls me under, goosebumps appear. With my hands, red and wrinkly, I clamber on the the rocks. As soon as I can feel my hands, I swing on to my feet and run to my towel. Throwing it over my shoulders, I crouch. Very slowly I get warm.

Eventually I stand up and head back to The Rocks. When I get to the rocks I hesitate. After a long time of decided if i want to jump, my sister comes up behind me and pushes me. Falling off the rock  I think I see something move in the water. When I hit the water I feel like something is slithering around my foot So I swim as fast as I can and hop out. Once my breath has come back to me, I search the water and find something is in the water. My sister Asks me, “why did you scream?” I replied with nothing.

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