Tuesday, October 31, 2017

100 word challenge

In class this past couple of days we have been doing a 100 word challenge. The challenge of the 100 word challenge is that you cant go over 100 words. this time we had to include the sentence "as the door slammed I knew" I got 99 words this time. Here is mine.

I walked into the office and found paper spread all over the ground, I knew it was here. Looking through the shelves I found them.
“Commander I got the files, now how do I get out?”
“Good now head back through the bedroom and out the front door. Good luck C5 and we will see you at headquarters”

As I walked through the rooms I thought I heard the door open, as the door slammed I knew I had to get out. I ducked under the kitchen table and ran out. Just as I got out, he got me.

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